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iWorry Lite App IconWorrying is a normal response to uncertainty and we all experience uncertainty from time to time; however excessive or incessant worrying will drain your emotional energy, cause high level of anxiety, and make you restless or lie awake at night.

Does worrying interfere with your day-to-day functioning in one way or another? If it does then the good news is you can manage your worries better using below ideas:

  • Keep a worry list. Write your worries down the moment they occur. This acts to get rid of them from your mind so you can use your time to get something else done.
  • Schedule worry time. Only at the appointed time that you think through your worries. At other time, you can say to yourself "This is a non-productive worry. Let me write this down on my worry list for worry time. Right now I will use my time to get something else done."
  • Have a worry place. At the scheduled time, go to a place where you can be alone (but accessible).
  • Think and decide. At the worry place, for each of the worries in your list, think through it and then either delete it from the list if it's no longer relevant or note down your decision, action, solution, or other remarks.

Instead of using a normal notepad (paper or electronic), we have developed iWorry Lite--an iPhone and iPod touch app that lets you manage your worries based on the above ideas.

iWorry Lite has a few advantages over the page-based notepad:

  • It runs on your iPhone and/or iPod touch which you carry with you almost all the time (if not all the time). That makes it convenient for you to write down your worries the moment they occur.
  • You can categorize each worry with a tag and later on filter your list of worries by a tag. This is useful during worry time when you want to focus on those worries related to a particular area.
  • You can't see your list of worries when the worry time is not reached yet. This discipline yourself to review your worries only during your appointed time.
  • When you think through each worry in your list, you can write down your decision, action, solution, or other remarks; delete it from the list if it's no longer relevant; or keep it in the list for future review.
  • Worries that have been reviewed are kept in a separate area for future reference. They will not interfere with your current list of worries.
  • Up to ten (10) worries in both Worry List and Logbook.

Download iWorry Lite for free on the iTunes App Store today!

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